Tascon  Constructions Pty Ltd
Tascon has been operating in Tasmania since 1985, we are 100% Tasmanian owned and operated with a proven record.

On average 80% of Tascon’s annual workload is in the commercial area of “internal fit outs” and “refurbishments”. The vast experience acquired on and off site in this area is used to work with clients to ensure the satisfaction of their various requirements in both occupied and un-occupied premises. The majority of these works include partitioning, workstations, joinery, floor coverings, air handling, communications and data, electrical and fire, and a large proportion of these works include base building elements such as structural additions, tenancy separation, wall linings and ceilings within the total contract package.

Tascon’s experience also extends into general and other specialised areas of construction and we have successfully completed numerous projects of a variety of complexity and monetary size in the areas of Commercial & Retail, Public & Institutional, Industrial, Health Care, and Education, and also a number of Heritage Works projects.

Tascon has had minor involvement in the residential market and has to date satisfactorily completed a number of larger architecturally designed residences as well as a number of smaller homes, domestic alterations and unit developments.

Tascon directly employs over 25 on-site personnel including Foremen, Leading Hands, Carpenters, Apprentices and Labourers. All the various Sub-trades are engaged as required.

The company has been designed to remain diverse and competitive within Tasmanian and has the ability, knowledge, and financial backing to take on a full range of building services and to continue to provide top quality product and professional service.

Goals & Objectives

Tascon’s objectives for each of its projects are completion to pre-determined quality, time and costs controls within the environment of its Health and Safety Policy. These controls are initiated by office staff and are incorporated into projects as early as during the tendering process. During the construction process they are reinforced by the foreman and supervisors/administrators through routines incorporated into the company structure.

Tascon recognises its reliance on its site administrators/foreman and subcontractors to maintain the above goals and objectives. Tascon’s principal foremen are mature persons each with vast experience in the industry. The Company maintains an open communication between all persons at all levels of the Company to ensure continual improvement in its strive to provide excellence as a service provider in all areas of its involvement within the construction industry, and to ensure that the Client receives personalised service of the highest calibre.

We maintain a register of preferred subcontractors. Subcontractors are not selected on price alone but are required to meet other predetermined criteria including quality workmanship, past performance, labour resources, company structure, etc.


Tascon has always been committed to providing quality product and service. The majority of the on-site employees have been with the Company in excess of 10 years ensuring a strong basis for quality control. Over 25% of the Company’s annual turnover each year is made up of negotiated and cost-plus contracts from return business clients. Tascon has a working second party certified QA system compliant to ISO 9001:2000 to meet the requirements of Dept of Treasury & Finance.

Health & Safety

All persons employed by Tascon are committed to a healthy and safe working environment for all. The Company hold monthly meetings to ensure continual development across the company. Regular training and continual improvement of all staff is encouraged.


The recognition of Tascon as a quality service provider in conjunction with our ability to respond quickly to client requests has ensured us with a reasonable proportion of regular maintenance work with our regular clients. Tascon currently manages maintenance for a number of clients over 15 or more sites and is continually looking to expand this service to new clients.


Members of the Master Builders Association of Tasmania since 1986.